HIM FREE!! The Great Pikachu Outbreak starting August 9th to August 17th

This is to be the next biggest holiday. 

I was supposed to be in Japan during this ㅠㅠ

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Hyrule Warriors finally added a 2nd playable male character….and then another female character. So we are sitting at 8/10 of the playable characters female. And they aren’t dressed “super sexy” with giant boobs or anything. Well, the main enemy female is a little bit, but I am ignoring her so I can be happy about everything else.

Still not happy about the plot being a war over Link’s dick, but at least two women are at the top.

Also, the Zelda redesign is great.

Also also, fuck yeah Ghirahim. Glad to see that creeper again.

Do people not from the South like cornbread?

I am doing Southern week for my next high school camp. I want to have a cooking day. Naturally, I am bringing in some sweet tea and then couldn’t decide on the food.

I am thinking about cornbread and/or biscuits. And then I might bring in honey, butter, and white gravy.

Or idk what else is easy to make with 15 kids. Pecan pie? Can I find Karo syrup here? Although then we would have to make crusts…

TMI Period Talk Because I Apparently Talk About That A Lot On Here

Has anyone else had issues readjusting to BC?

I was on it for a couple years back home, and then took a couple month break and got on it again when I came to Korea. I was then on the pill for a year, but had a lot of lady problems back in October. My mom had looked up that it could be a bad reaction to the pill. I stopped taking it for a month and did see some improvements, but since I was dating someone I went back on it. 

The last 2 times I was on the pill it was all okay. It took me about a month to adjust to it and my periods were always super regular. I knew the exact day of the week and time I should expect my period.

My period now comes whenever it feels like and is super light for like 2 days and then ends. Like, last time I took the pill I would always have it on Wednesdays, today I am sitting here on a Friday wondering where the hell it is.

I have also just had a lot of general pain since I got back on the pill. I asked two different gynos about it but they can’t believe the pill is the problem. They did note however that it is possible that I am still ovulating, but they other effects of the pill are working so they say I shouldn’t stop it.

I am debating switching to an IUD, but with these wacko periods idk when I would get it done.

Also, I made this Kakao theme the other day because I was bored. The doughnuts get bitten when clicked ~

Finally found an app that does this, so now I can be a dork.

Finally found an app that does this, so now I can be a dork.

Why have I started noticing more Power Puff Girls things in Korea? Are they showing it on TV? I saw little figures in a cafe I went to the other day and now I see that there are emoticons on Kakao (I kinda really want them).

I really feel like there is one of two things happening in my life:

1) There is a lot bigger of a cultural difference than I thought between Southern US and other parts of the world.


2) The reason why my relationships here are different than back home is because I didn’t really hang out with straight females. My really close friends were gay or bi and my satellite friends were straight males.

krapaiiets thank you! It would be something that easy. Hopefully I will remember it this time.

bentlesthebumblebuttking It sucks, but it is glad to know that I am not the only one.

anyotherday I have to do my camp when all the other teachers do their camps. I get to lend my voice and vote for when they will happen, but it is a group decision. This year they actually tried and put some of the camp days during the regular school year so that we could have a more normal vacation. The issue is that I also do a camp at the high school in my school system. I get no say in when this is at all. I could turn down working there, but I don’t want to burn that bridge since it is a good school with private funding, so they will always need a foreign teacher there. Plus it is in my school system, so I feel like it would be a little awkward to say no to it.

anotherampersand said: Heya, is the board game cafe thingy happening this Saturday still? :) Trying to get an idea of what my weekend will look like, haha~

Ugh, I suck. Sorry I keep meaning to post a message, but have been too busy to really research anything. 

anyotherday baeoora enseoulment lostscrews goodgood and anyone else I forgot.

If y’all still can come, please let me know. Maybe on the 3rd instead of the 2nd if that is okay. If it is, please message me your IDs and I will try and look up a couple options and make a group chat about it tomorrow.

If I delayed in planning in too long and y’all are too busy now, please also let me know and we can reschedule to another weekend.