I got asked for a second time to play an instrument for a song during the school festival. I can’t decide if this is because the teacher doesn’t want to do it alone, because we are like bffs now, or if it is still him being nice to me because I am all mopey from stress and my break up. While I am generally envious of teachers that get to participate because that means the kids loved them enough to ask them, I kind feel put off cause the kids didn’t ask me. He said he would ask the students if it was okay, but I kinda just feel like I am intruding. 

I asked one of my Korean friend to name my cat yesterday since little cat butt only speaks Korean and I didn’t want to name her 김치 or have her think her name is 안녕 anymore. My friend looked at her and was like 고등어 and I was like why and she was like because that is what that pattern of cat is called in Korean. So now my cat has the obvious name of Mackerel. I will probably call her Mack to English speakers, haha.

Jolted awake to the jarring feeling of a bug crawling into my ear. Idk if one really did or not. I flushed with oil to be safe and now I cannot sleep.

the spray from the exterminator is just drawing out all the bugs from their hiding spaces…including bugs I didn’t realize I had.

The two things I do have to say for this crush that are nice are:

1) reviving my love for early 2000s alt rock/ pop punk music

2) making me want to actually practice my bass instead of just letting it decay in the corner of my room.

So, there is that at least.

Having a crush on someone is seriously the worst. Someone send help.

This is why I don’t really ever deep clean. It isn’t good for my anxiety. I cleaned a lot, but all I am seeing is the dirt that is left. I should really just hire a lady to come even though I don’t need her for the bug problems.

What is with guys on tinder and their picture being a missionary “helping the African children” picture?

Also, I have gotten rid of nearly half of my wardrobe during all of this because I have to put everything I want to keep in zip-lock bags (they apparently can’t eat through plastic?). It is kind of sad because I am one of those people that if I bought it, I wear it. Most of the stuff I am getting rid of looks over worn though. There is more I can get rid of, but I am waiting for the last bits of summer to leave so I can do all of that when I put my summer clothes away and take my warmer clothes out.

I realized that I only have 3 more months left of teaching  on my current contract. I was feeling kind of down about it, but I realized that I might have a science teaching job up for grabs in my town if my school won’t have funding. Science is the next teaching certificate I plan on getting, so it would be good to test out if I really like it or not. I would have to teach elementary school though :/