I felt a moment of loneliness this week and was kind of crushing on another man, but just getting a dumb love emoticon from my BF is enough to bring me back.

Also, his new coworkers were asking a lot about me and offered to show me around when I come visit. This makes me feel a lot better after the last batch were not at all interested in hanging out with me,


foreign languages are all fun and games UNTIL IT COMES TO IRREGULARS AND CONJUGATION

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Months before their first words, babies’ brains rehearse speech mechanics | neuroscientistnews.com

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shots fired [x]


shots fired [x]

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Thanks to my school band playing 99 Red Balloons the other day, my life has been a lot of listening to early 2000s rock music. The teacher in charge of that’s favorite band is My Chemical Romance, so I look forward to whatever he ends up making them play for the school festival next semester.

Dunkin’s new cup.

Dunkin’s new cup.

I don’t get people that get enjoyment from taking pictures of people and mocking them online. 

Another way that I made the older female teachers worry about me is that word got around to the new ones that I was “wild” last year. That I drank a lot and stayed out late and jumped into the pool at night with my clothes on and played with the male teachers. All that did happen, but it happened because the older female teachers I was rooming with last year kicked me out of the room because I was too young for them. The PE teacher then found me wondering around and picked me up and threw me into the pool. So it wasn’t really my fault. And then I did flirt with a teacher that had a girlfriend, but I didn’t know that at the time and the other teachers told me to. So again, not my fault. Drunk me was just listening to orders.

Also also, I apparently offended the older female teachers today. I was told we would play pool soccer. I was on a team and everything. So, I got my swimsuit and shorts and a shirt to go over it. I thought that would cover me up. Apparently, only really the men were supposed to play. I played anyways (and so did 2 other female teachers who were in about the same amount of clothes as me). Well, afterwards I wasn’t really sure what was going on so I kind of chilled out. I talked to some teachers and even greeted the principal before changing. Apparently, that was way too much for some older female teachers. Me chilling out in my clingy wet clothes was way inappropriate. I was told that even if I don’t care, the male teachers surely noticed. Really the male teachers were more pleased that I was playing and was being really into it. They weren’t inappropriate towards me at all.

The greeting the principal thing made me laugh though. Because he is a big sweet heart and noticed at lunch that no one was talking to me and harassed everyone to include me. So he was obviously happy to see that I participated in the events

Also, be warned pretty people of tumblr. If I am the one chosen to make 소맥, I will always make it like the woman from Iris did. Always.