I can’t tell if just every study in the field of ESOL is a subject that is boring to me and that what I am actually interested in hasn’t been studied or if I just suck at using the right keywords to pull up the articles that I need.

Why does my cat lick my gym socks every time I get home?

Of course my library log-in information isn’t working when the professor requires me to use a very specific database for a research paper due by tomorrow. At least this is going to seriously make me get better about time management :/

I wish I knew how much of my weight gain is muscles and how much is me needing to stop eating pizza.

Someone is being ostracized in my town for being racist. I still feel a little bad though because being here with no one around you would suck, but at the same time she did it to herself.

Starting next week I need to get better about doing my college work so that it isn’t all piled up for me to do Friday/Saturday.

The new plan is that after school I will no longer bum around so that I can get to the gym, shower, shove something into my mouth and then go to a cafe to study for at least an hour a day. I just am never really as productive at home as I would like to be.

My new “English club” being a secret lasted two whole days and by that I am sure that it actually didn’t even last that long.

bentlesthebumblebuttking It is over all pretty dry. If I don’t lotion it every day it gets all flaky. I don’t know if there is more to skin type than that, haha. 

The passive aggressive fighting with my the one CT is getting so much worse. I am afraid that it will come to a head soon. I should probably be an adult about it. Why did the fortune teller tell her to wait a year before quitting her job and getting married?

Giving up the pill means all the acne. Looks like I will have to get serious about washing my face at night. My old stuff is almost gone, so it should be a good chance to try something new. Does anyone have any good face wash recommendations?